About Regional Growth Partnership

The Regional Growth Partnership (RGP) assists international companies seeking a strategic location for U.S. operations. Our organization is a privately funded investment promotion agency representing the Toledo region, which includes 17 counties in Northwest Ohio and 3 counties in Southeast Michigan.  The region is surrounded by the Great Lakes, which form the largest group of freshwater lakes on earth. The RGP is one of six regional network partners of JobsOhio, the privatized investment promotion entity for the State of Ohio. Together, we can assist foreign-based companies in securing financing options from state and local governments, as well as other public and private entities.

The Regional Growth Partnership can also assist with the site selection process, identify available buildings and sites, introduce international companies to qualified service providers (banks, law firms, accounting firms, logistics companies) and, in many cases, advise them on their marketing plans for the U.S. Because RGP is funded by the region’s top private companies, we are able to offer our services confidential and free of charge, saving you time and money.

Why Locate Your Business in Northwest Ohio

Ohio has the lowest taxes of any state in the Midwest, making Northwest Ohio an extremely profit-friendly business climate for foreign companies that locate here. We understand there is uncertainty involved in investing in another country, so we try to eliminate as much of that risk as possible. As you consider a capital investment in the United States, here is how Ohio’s new tax laws improve your bottom line:

  • Ohio has the fifth lowest cost of doing business in the U.S.
  • Recent tax reform reduced tax burden by up to 63 percent.
  • There is no tax on investments in machinery and equipment.
  • There is no tax on products sold to customers outside Ohio.
  • There is no tax on inventory or corporate income.
  • The first $1 million in gross receipts are tax-free.

Click here to learn more about the State of Ohio’s business-friendly tax climate and how Ohio offers the lowest taxes in the Midwest.

Foreign Direct Investment in Ohio

Over the last 2 years, Ohio reported 98 projects worth nearly $2 billion in foreign direct investment. This represents 6,200 jobs created.